Welcome to Canada International College. Our school is a well-established private High School, in Toronto, and is accredited and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education....

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CIC Introduction

Introduction to Canada International College

Founded in 2000 and accredited by Ontario Ministry of Education in 2003, Canada International College(Ministry Registration #: 666769) helps students to achieve their excellent university education goals by providing quality teaching and strong university application support. Setting its goal as the best school in Canada, Canada International College has been winning the respect of students and parents for more than a decade.

We continue to grow in registration and in reputation. In 2014, the school successfully purchased land in a prime GTA location and a new campus will be built with a capacity of 1500 full time students and a school residence housing 600 students. CIC is a leading role model in private education.

Mission and Vision

Mission The mission of Canada International College is to prepare our students for success in their future while educating them to be good citizens for the community. We do this through encouraging the development of each individual student’s strength in classroom, community involvement, and being a positive role model.

Vision Canada International College sets high standard academically and comprehensively in education. We are committed to enabling all CIC students to experience an unparalleled, intellectual and social education journey.